Bandit Experience

Engineered in Toronto

The bandit experience is global in reach, but is rooted in the city of
Toronto. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, we have a unique
approach and style towards our products. Bandit is from the streets
of Toronto but for the world to enjoy.

Premium Quality, Fit and Design

One of our top priorities at bandit is quality. Each garment is carefully
inspected to make sure it reaches our high quality standards. Every piece
is built using only premium sourced materials and is uniquely tailored
during development, giving a custom look and feel.



During the development process, innovation is a top priority. Countless
hours have been devoted towards creating functional products with
unique features and new technology. We strive to deliver the best products
to our customers and strongly believe innovation and clothing go hand in hand.

Bandit Bank

When you shop with bandit you receive your very own bandit safe.
Every item purchased comes with a special amount of bandit coins.
these coins can be collected and redeemed, at any time, to purchase
other items on the online store. Start saving.






To bring near the treasure that lies out of reach temporarily. Each and every one of us sees treasure in our near vision. Treasure can be defined as wealth or riches stored or accumulated. What does wealth mean to you? Whatever it is, there is one thing in common. We all want the wealth, success is what we strive for. Like we say, No Hussle No Bucks, you have to hustle hard to get yours.

Hustle can be described as many different things by many different people. The goal of all hustle is the same, to get to the treasure, to achieve the goal. The size of the treasure chest is up to you and only you can work to get that. The bandit lifestyle is all about the hustle and success, in the end we

bring near distant treasure